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17-18 May 2018

Pre-Forum Workshops

19 May 2018

0730 - 0900 Registration
0900 - 1010 Plenary Session 1 (Room 406CX)
(Chairperson: )
0900 - 0930 Plenary Lecture 1 (Room 406CX)
Precision Resuscitation
Michael Pinsky
0930 - 0940 Discussion
0940 - 1010 Opening Ceremony
Guest of Honor
1010 - 1040 Coffee Break / Exhibition
1040 - 1220 Plenary Session 2 (Room 406CX)
1040 - 1110 Plenary Lecture 2 (Room 406CX)
Personalised medicine in sepsis
Anthony Gordon
1110 - 1140 Plenary Lecture 3 (Room 406CX)
Intensive Staffing In The ICU
Hayley Gershengorn 
1140 - 1210 Plenary Lecture 4 (Room 406CX)
Globalisation of Critical Care
Timothy Buchman
1210 - 1220 Discussion
1240 - 1320 Lunch Symposium by:
1330 - 1510 Symposium 1 (Room 406CX)
Sepsis Definitions and Management
Symposium 2 (Room 405B)
Fluids and Blood
Symposium 3 (Room 406D)
Outbreaks, Disasters and Tropical Infections
Symposium 4 (Level 3, Room 336)
Haemodynamic Monitoring and Optimisation
1330 - 1350 What are the challenges of the new SEPSIS-3 consensus
Shih-Chi (Simon) Ku
Fluid therapy; where are now? Variations between countries.
Forbes McGain
Designing a nation infectious disease hospital and HLIU
Leo Yee Sin
Physiologic basis for functional haemodynamic monitoring
Michael Pinsky
1350 - 1410 Biomarkers in sepsis - The perennial search
Kuan Win Sen
Why balanced fluids?
Naomi Hammond
Severe Dengue - We need answers
Louisa Chan
Volume responsiveness: But when not to give fluids
Sanjiv Vij
1410 - 1430 Early resuscitation in sepsis
Anthony Delaney
Defining the role of colloids in critical care
Addy Tan
Treating patients with Ebola virus disease
Andy Johnston
Levosimendan: a role in the management of patients with severe heart failure?
Bernard Cholley
1430 - 1450 Cardiovascular management in sepsis
Anthony Gordon
How I individualise blood transfusion?
Jonathan Tan
Risk registry, phases of disaster management
Hussain Al Rahma
Transpulmonary thermodilution: Uses and limitations
Takashi Tagami
1450 - 1510 Discussion Discussion Discussion Discussion
1510 - 1540 Coffee Break / Exhibition
1540 - 1720 Symposium 5 (Room 406CX)
Sepsis 2
Symposium 6 (Room 405B)
Respiratory Failure Management
(Chairperson: )
Symposium 7 (Room 406D)
Infectious diseases in the critically ill
(Chairperson: )
Symposium 8 (Level 3, Room 336)
Cardiac Arrest and Resuscitation
(Chairperson: )
1540 - 1600 Fluid therapy in sepsis
Chairat Permpikul
How I ventilate an ARDS patient?
John Park
Utility of antimicrobial therapeutic drug monitoring in critically ill 
Andrea Kwa
Improving out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest Survival
Marcus Ong
1600 - 1620 Sepsis paradoxes
Francesca Rubulotta
High flow: nasal cannula or non-invasive ventilation: when to use what?
Jason Phua
Use of procalcitonin in the critically ill
Noelle Lim
Targeted temperature management
Benjamin Leong
1620 - 1640 Polymyxin B hemoperfusion for septic shock
Tony Yeh
APRV ventilation: coming of age, or had its day?
Ed Litton 
Antibiotics - The good, the bad and the ugly
Steve McGloughlin
The need for a new paradigm in resuscitation post cardiac surgery
Adrian Levine
1640 - 1700 New treatment strategies for sepsis
Anthony Gordon
Rescue modalities for profound hypoxemia and respiratory acidosis
James Blum
Infections in the haematologic transplant patient
Phua Ghee Chee
E-CPR/ECMO after prolonged Cardiac Arrest
Vincent Pellegrino 
1700 - 1720 Discussion Discussion Discussion Discussion

20 May 2018

0730 - 0820 Plenary Lecture 5 (Room 406CX)
Big data in intensive care
David Pilcher
0830 - 1010 Symposium 9 (Room 406CX)
Surgical Critical Care
Symposium 10 (Room 405B)
Death and Organ Donation
Symposium 11 (Room 406D)
Rehabilitation and Chronic Care
Symposium 12 (Level 3, Room 336)
ICU administration 
0830 - 0850 Some early findings from SNAP-2:EpiCCS
Danny Wong
Brain death and Cardiac death – are there two ways to die?
Kwek Tong Kiat
Post sepsis syndrome/Post ICU syndrome: Are they the same, overlapping or different
Kelly Thompson
Driving quality improvement in the ICU - Singapore perspective
Tan Hui Ling
0850 - 0910Fast track cardiac surgery
Charles Gomersall 
Epidemiology and identification of organ donors
David Pilcher
Do anabolic steroids have a role in recovery for critically ill patients?
Matthew Anstey 
Instructor Pilot/ICU Director: Commonalities and differences among aviation and intensive care medicine
Timothy Buchman 
0910 - 0930 Intra-abdominal hypertension - Respiratory implications and ventilatory management
Adrian Regli
Donation after circulatory death
Rohit D'Costa
Nutrition in the chronic critically ill
Mette Berger 
Developing critical care services in Dubai
Hussain Al Rahma
0930 - 0950 Improving outcomes from high risk surgery using functional haemodynamic monitoring-directed resuscitation
Michael Pinsky
Managing the brain dead patient for organ donation
Gene Sung
Use of inspiratory muscle training in wearing from mechanical ventilator (when how and why)
Vimal Palanichamy 
Focusing on what goes right - The safety paradigm and resilient healthcare
Cameron Knott 
0950 - 1010 Discussion Discussion Discussion Discussion
1010 - 1040 Coffee Break / Exhibition
1040 - 1220 Symposium 13 (Room 406CX)
Neurocritical Care
Symposium 14 (Room 405B)
Extracorporeal life support
(Chairperson: )
Symposium 15 (Room 406D)
Critical care Nutrition
(Chairperson: )
Symposium 16 (Level 3, Room 336)
ICU Informatics
(Chairperson: )
1040 - 1100 Precision medicine in neurocritical care: Should we individualize care?
Victoria McCredie 
Rapid design and implementation of an ECMO service
James Blum 
Parenteral nutrition - When should we use it
Andrew Davies 
Telemedicine in ICU
Timothy Buchman/Cheryl Hiddleson 
1100 - 1120 Auto-regulation in cerebral blood flow: How to optimise brain perfusion
Kiwon Lee
VA ECMO : Keys to success
Cho Yang Hyun
Using indirect calorimetry in ICU
Ng Puay Shi
1120 - 1140 Management of subarachnoid hemorrhage
Gene Sung
Bleeding and anticoagulation management in ECMO
Priya Nair
Protein delivery in the ICU; what is adequate
Mette Berger
Artificial Intelligence Predictive Analytics for Sepsis and other Conditions
Klaudyne Hong
1140 - 1200 Updates in management of traumatic brain injury
June Goh 
RCT and ECMO: Be careful of what you wish for
Vincent Pellegrino 
Glycaemic control in the ICU and beyond
Yasmine Ali Abdelhamid
Precision medicine in acute and critical care: real-time integration of knowledge with data
Timothy Buchman 
1200 - 1220 Discussion Discussion Discussion Discussion
1240 - 1320 Lunch Symposium by:
1330 - 1510 Symposium 17 (Room 406CX)
Ethics and Palliative Care
Symposium 18 (Room 405B)
Airway management in the ICU
(Chairperson: )
Symposium 19 (Room 406D)
Delirium, Communications and Sleep
(Chairperson: )
Symposium 20 (Level 3, Room 336)
Education and Simulation
(Chairperson: )
1330 - 1350 ICU limitations of therapy; International Variability
Forbes McGain 
Best airway practice in intensive care medicine 2018
David Brewster
Analgesia in the ICU: Have we got it right?
Sanjiv Vij 
Medical education in the 21st century
Adrian Wong 
1350 - 1410 Decision making in end of life care
Wai Tat Wong 
Tracheostomy teams: A multi-disciplinary approach to improving care
Stephen Warrillow 
Ng Shin Yi
CoBaTrICE - Conceptualisation, development and refinement
Francesca Rubulotta
1410 - 1430 Why doctors don't recognise dying
Alex Psirides 
Tracheal Intubation in ICU - Life saving or life threatening
Sheila Myatra 
Optimizing the restorative state: sleep, mindfulness and recovery from critical illness
Ed Litton 
Human factors and crises resource management in critical care
Christian Karcher
1430 - 1450 What happens to patients who are refused ICU admission
Charles Gomersall 
Understanding the impact of extubation
Hayley Gershengorn 
Donation conversation with the families
Rohit D'Costa 
Health service redesign using simulation based co-design
Cameron Knott 
1450 - 1510 Discussion Discussion Discussion Discussion
1510 - 1540 Coffee Break / Exhibition
1540 - 1720 Symposium 21 (Room 406CX)
Beyond the ICU
Symposium 22 (Room 405B)
Critical care nursing
(Chairperson: )
Symposium 23 (Room 406D)
(Chairperson: )
Symposium 24 (Level 3, Room 336)
Acute liver and renal failure
(Chairperson: )
1540 - 1600 Burnout and the intensivist
Adrian Wong
“24/7 ICUs”
Hayley Gershengorn 
Gender in health and medical research
Kelly Thompson
Acute liver failure in the ICU
Stephen Warrillow 
1600 -1620 ICU Environmental Sustainability
Forbes McGain 
How to measure and improve the clinical engagement of your team and its importance
Vineet Sarode

Management of portopulmonary hypertension and hepatopulmonary syndrome in patients undergoing liver transplantation
Rodrigo Cartin-Ceba 
1620 - 1640 RRT should be implemented in all hospital
For: Augustine Tee
Against: Lim Tian Jin 
Distractions and interruptions in the ICU
Kay Choong See 
Panel discussion
1) Danielle Austin
2) Kelly Thompson
3) Klaudyne Hong
4) June Goh
Regional citrate anti-coagulation in CRRT: The new standars?
Detlef Kindgen-Milles
1640 - 1700 Making the ICU a better place - families & pet therapy
Alex Psirides

1700 - 1720 Discussion Discussion Discussion Discussion
1745 - 2200 SG-ANZICS GALA Dinner

21 May 2018

0740 - 0810 Plenary Lecture 6 (Room 406CX)
Vision without action is a daydream, Action without vision is a nightmare
Francesca Rubulotta
0810 - 0840 Plenary Lecture 7 (Room 406CX)
Collaboration in research and education
Charles Gomersall 
0840 - 0930 Coffee Break / Exhibition
0930 - 1050 Symposium 25 (Room 406CX)
ICU Research
Symposium 26 (Room 405B)
Critical care nursing
Symposium 27 (Room 406D)
Ultrasound in the ICU
0830 - 0850 Editor in chief's desk: Emerging themes in critical care
Timothy Buchman
Transporting a critically ill patient - Pearls and pitfalls
Tan Wah Tze
Using ultrasound in respiratory failure
Alberto Goffi 
0850 - 0910 Conducting research with exceptionally large clinical datasets from electronic records Managing complex military trauma
Andy Johnston 
Echography for the assessment of diaphragmatic function in critically ill patients
Bernard Cholley
0910 - 0930 Crowdsourcing specialist trainees for multicentre research
Danny Wong
Nurse practitioner's role in MET/Outreach team
Clarice Wee
Seeing is believing: ultrasound training in austere environment
Bhavesh Patel
0930 - 0950 TBAResuscitation in cardiac arrest after cardiac surgery - What's different from a nursing perspective?
Amy Rogers
Point of care ultrasound - what's on the horizon?
Adrian Wong
0950 - 1050 Discussion Discussion Discussion

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