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SG-ANZICS1088 P-01 Kensuke Nakamura Efficacy of belt electrode skeletal muscle electrical stimulation on muscle volume loss in ICU-acquired weakness: a randomized control trial
SG-ANZICS1172 P-02 Nguyen Thi Kim Anh Longterm Outcome after ICU in Patients with Tetanus
SG-ANZICS1100 P-03 Kyohei Miyamoto Repeated measurement of quick sequential organ failure assessment score to predict in-hospital mortality among patients with trauma: an analysis of nationwide registry data
SG-ANZICS1173 P-04 Dilanthi Priyadarshani Gamage Dona Evaluation of quality of Acute Myocardial Infarction care in Colombo, Sri Lanka
SG-ANZICS1235 P-05 Zhang Jingjing Relationship between respiratory rate variation and all-cause mortality in ICU
SG-ANZICS1213 P-06 Dilip Shende End expiratory occlusion test and mini fluid challenge for predicting fluid responsiveness in acute circulatory failure.
SG-ANZICS1064 P-07 Quoc Chinh Luong Effectiveness of combined external ventricular drainage with intraventricular fibrinolysis for treatment of intraventricular haemorrhage with acute obstructive hydrocephalus
SG-ANZICS1135 P-08 Badri Prasad Das Comparison of a novel metal-alloy-impregnated urinary catheter and conventional latex foley catheter for preventing uti in critically ill trauma patients: a prospective, randomised clinical trial
SG-ANZICS1131 P-09 Suresh Kumar Cytokine levels in critically ill children with severe sepsis and their relation with the severity of illness and mortality
SG-ANZICS1142 P-10 Gurdeep Dhooria Clinical and laboratory profile at admission of children developing Severe dengue according to 2009 WHO classification
SG-ANZICS1108 P-11 Shalu Gupta Varied initiation of inotropes in relation to resuscitation fluids boluses in children with septic shock: a prospective observational study
SG-ANZICS1027 P-12 Vu Quoc Dat Sepsis-induced coagulopathy in patients with community acquired bloodstream infection
SG-ANZICS1035 P-13 Ponsuge Sigera Detection of Dengue by Single Tube Reverse-Transcription-Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
SG-ANZICS1042 P-14 Dharm Raj Bhatta Bacteriological profile of sepsis among patients admitted in Intensive Care Units of tertiary care hospital of Western Nepal
SG-ANZICS1049 P-15 Achyut Sharma Hemolysis induced cross-matching difficulty with IVIG: a case report
SG-ANZICS1052 P-16 Pushpanjali Joshi Burden of multidrug resistant lower respiratory tract bacterial pathogens in intensive care units
SG-ANZICS1061 P-17 Mrugank Bhavsar Carotid blood flow measurement pre and post passive leg raise test to predict volume responsiveness in patients with shock
SG-ANZICS1065 P-18 Bhavna Gupta A survey of practice among doctors in India belonging to different specialities towards periphery tracheal intubation calls.
SG-ANZICS1072 P-19 Amar Taksande Does phototherapy affect cardiac function in neonates with hyperbilirubinemia?
SG-ANZICS1077 P-20 Oxana Turcanu "Human factor" remains an important impediment to stop wisely the antibiotic treatment in newborns patients.
SG-ANZICS1090 P-21 Khalid Khatib Nosocomial Infections in Surgical ICU: A Retrospective study
SG-ANZICS1104 P-22 Amit Narkhede A retrospective study to evaluate the outcomes of cancer patients admitted to the intensive care unit in a tertiary cancer centre requiring Renal Replacement Therapy.
SG-ANZICS1110 P-23 Paramdeep Singh Comparison of bedside lung ultrasound with chest x-rays in the evaluation of Chest pathologies in Critically-ill patients
SG-ANZICS1116 P-24 Nay Myo Lwin Role of dexamethasone for post extubation stridor and extubation failure in critically ill adult patients
SG-ANZICS1127 P-25 Rosa De Lima Renita Sanyasi Predictive Factors of Mortality in Ischemic and Hemorrhagic Stroke
SG-ANZICS1134 P-26 Gurdeep Dhooria Demographic profile and sequalae using Liverpool scale of children with Acute Febrile encephalopathy admitted in PICU of a developing country
SG-ANZICS1143 P-27 Hao Nguyen Characteristics of acid - base disturbances on admission in patients with bacterial bloodstream infection
SG-ANZICS1187 P-28 Chynthia Pradiftha Sari Response of parenteral nutrition in pediatric intensive care unit (picu) of public hospital in yogyakarta, indonesia
SG-ANZICS1191 P-29 Bhanuprakash Kadaba Bhaskar Radial or femoral artery: Does site matter for invasive blood pressure monitoring in septic shock patients?
SG-ANZICS1196 P-30 Gaurav Tomar A Novel Method for Diagnosing Severity of Brain Injury using Early and Rapid Detection of UCHL-1 in Serum of Brain-Trauma Patients.
SG-ANZICS1211 P-31 Khabibulla Aminov Possibilities of Neuroimaging in Diagnostics of Symptomatic Epilepsy in Children
SG-ANZICS1232 P-32 Abhishek Samprathi Atropine refractoriness in acute organophosphorous poisoning
SG-ANZICS1248 P-33 Mathangi Krishnakumar Diaphragmatic function assessment during spontaneous breathing trial in neuromuscular disease
SG-ANZICS1249 P-34 Anand Kumar Gowdhaman Sonographic assessment of lung aeration in under-5 children with severe pneumonia on high flow nasal cannula versus standard low flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy
SG-ANZICS1022 P-35 Kazuaki Shigemitsu Safety of rehabilitation for patients on mechanical ventilation in the intensive care unit
SG-ANZICS1025 P-36 Lee Jonghoo Performances of modified CRB-65 score compared to SIRS and qSOFA as a rapid screening tool for sepsis in initial emergency department: A propensity-score matching study
SG-ANZICS1117 P-37 Takashi Terada To evaluate both interchange ability and dynamic trend of the pulse wave transit time method calibrated with invasive and non-invasive blood pressure.
SG-ANZICS1038 P-38 Toyoe Taguchi Nursing students’ images of death: Analysis using drawings and stories
SG-ANZICS1041 P-39 Lim Zheng Jie Appropriateness of Proton Pump Inhibitor Use in the Intensive Care
SG-ANZICS1045 P-40 Harish Mallapura Maheshwarappa Retrospective study on the clinical utility of Fosfomycin in a tertiary care Indian Intensive Care Unit
SG-ANZICS1046 P-41 Rajesh Kasimahanti Central venous oxygen saturation as a surrogate marker for outcome in critically ill patients – A prospective observational cohort study.
SG-ANZICS1048 P-42 Rajesh Kasimahanti Community-acquired Escherichia coli meningitis with ventriculitis in an adult—a rare case report
SG-ANZICS1055 P-43 Taiga Itagaki Effect of controlled ventilation on diaphragm atrophy during assist-control ventilation: a post hoc analysis
SG-ANZICS1057 P-44 Pei-Jun Chen Using Repositioning to Reduce the Incidence Rate of Pressure Injury in the Intensive Care Unit
SG-ANZICS1060 P-45 Mrugank Bhavsar Rhabdomyolysis From Influenza B Infection: A Rare Case Report
SG-ANZICS1073 P-46 Lin Li Jung The improvement of phlebitis induced by peripheral intravenous injection in adult
SG-ANZICS1076 P-47 Hung Yi-Shan A clinical study and post-operative care of peptic ulcer perforation in intensive care unit
SG-ANZICS1079 P-48 Apollo Aguilan The Use of Video Laryngoscope and Direct Laryngoscope in Critically ILL in Children.
SG-ANZICS1080 P-49 Yeap U Wen Severe rhabdomyolysis in cardiac surgery patients sedated with dexmedetomidine:a case series
SG-ANZICS1082 P-50 Rozina Sultana Early Lactate Clearance Rate is an Indicator of Outcome in Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock
SG-ANZICS1084 P-51 Lee Cheng Jin Alpha Omega Use of Immunomodulators in Paediatric Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock: A Single Centre Study
SG-ANZICS1085 P-52 Pravin R R Risk factors for mortality of oncology patients admitted to the paediatric intensive care unit: A single centre retrospective study
SG-ANZICS1097 P-53 Madeleine Cheng Identifying early predictors of failure of high flow nasal oxygen for immunocompromised hosts with hypoxemic respiratory failure
SG-ANZICS1098 P-54 Chann Myei Critical care ultrasonography in Myanmar: one center perspective
SG-ANZICS1099 P-55 Masashi Tagaya Biocompatible polymer coating on the circuit surface can inhibit antithrombin consumption in an extracorporeal membrane oxygenator
SG-ANZICS1101 P-56 Yoshitoyo Ueno Timing of tracheostomy in acute stroke patients.
SG-ANZICS1102 P-57 Lee Siew Wah Feasibility of a Pediatric Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (PARDS) Ventilation Bundle Trial
SG-ANZICS1107 P-58 Suhail Siddiqui Epidemiology of Critically ill obstetric patients admitted to medical/surgical intensive care unit (ICU) of a tertiary care teaching hospital of North India
SG-ANZICS1109 P-59 Rui Kwan Implementing a nurse driven sedation protocol for intubated patients
SG-ANZICS1111 P-60 Hideo Yamanouchi Influence of endotracheal tube size on ventilation efficiency during adult high-frequency oscillatory ventilation; a lung model study
SG-ANZICS1115 P-61 Sharlene Ho Outcomes of patients requiring prolonged mechanical ventilation in Singapore
SG-ANZICS1118 P-62 Young Si Ling Correlation of Noise Levels with Healthcare Worker Perception in the ICU
SG-ANZICS1120 P-63 Swagata Tripathy Enhanced Recovery After Surgery In Neurocritical Care improves patient outcomes – A non randomized controlled trial
SG-ANZICS1121 P-64 Swagata Tripathy Intensive Care associated Mental Health Outcomes phase 1- a prospective study from Eastern India
SG-ANZICS1123 P-65 Dawn Perez Physical restraints during mechanical ventilation in intensive care: Nurses' perspective
SG-ANZICS1125 P-66 Anand Kumar Gowdhaman Sonographic assessment of lung aeration in under-five children with severe pneumonia on high flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy -prospective observational study
SG-ANZICS1126 P-67 Khalid Khatib Prospective Study Of Impact Of Trauma Workshop On Knowledge, Attitude, Practice Conducted On Medical Students
SG-ANZICS1129 P-68 Rupali Patnaik Impact of ventilator associated events (vaes) on clinical course of icu patients
SG-ANZICS1132 P-69 Suresh Kumar Short term outcome of manually ventilated out-born neonates admitted in Pediatric emergency of a developing economy.
SG-ANZICS1136 P-70 Julie Robinson Critical Care Nurses' bioscience knowledge: A survey to inform curriculum design
SG-ANZICS1139 P-71 Shyam Madabhushi Temporal evolution of the PcvCO2-PaCO2 / CaO2-CcvO2 ratio versus arterial lactate during resuscitation in septic patients with hypotension
SG-ANZICS1145 P-72 Sanjay Biswas Incidence of multi-drug resistant organism infections in an icu of a tertiary care cancer center
SG-ANZICS1146 P-73 Adrian Pakavakis The Role of Rapid Response Teams in Goals of Care Decision Making
SG-ANZICS1147 P-74 Sanjib Dhar Practice of renal replacement therapy in a tertiary cardiothoracic intensive care unit: a retrospective observational study
SG-ANZICS1150 P-75 Sanjib Dhar Short axis versus long axis ultrasound guided approach for internal jugular vein cannulations: a prospective randomised controlled trial
SG-ANZICS1151 P-76 Lee JaeDo Effects of stellate ganglion block in hemiplegic ICU patients with secondary lymphedema of the extremities after cerebral hemorrhage or infarction
SG-ANZICS1152 P-77 Angela McBride Catastrophic healthcare expenditure due to septic and dengue shock in Vietnam
SG-ANZICS1156 P-78 Mohanty Biswabikash Veno arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (VA ECMO) and early plasmapheresis as a rescue therapy in severe amlodipine overdose with refractory shock.
SG-ANZICS1157 P-79 Suresh Kumar Hand hygiene quality improvement initiative in a Pediatric Emergency: a pre- and post-intervention study.
SG-ANZICS1163 P-80 Ujwal Dhundi Role of urinary neutrophil gelatinase associated lipocalin (ungal) as an early biomarker for prediction of acute kidney injury(aki) in patients treated with colistin
SG-ANZICS1164 P-81 Vincent Ongko Wijaya Complications as Poor Prognosis Factors in Hemorrhagic Stroke
SG-ANZICS1174 P-82 Suci Hanifah Simulated y-site compatibility of acetaminophen with common medication in critical care
SG-ANZICS1175 P-83 Suci Hanifah Formulation of Parenteral Nutrition for Preterm Neonates: Initiation in a Local Hospital
SG-ANZICS1189 P-84 Ahsina Jahan Prognostic value of central venous-arterial pco2 difference (pco2 gap) in sepsis
SG-ANZICS1192 P-85 Santosh Sharma Parajuli Ultrasound guided internal jugular catheterization in paediatric cardiac surgical patients: a prospective observational study
SG-ANZICS1193 P-86 Ting Lyu Intra-aortic balloon pump as rescue therapy for reverse takotsubo cardiomyopathy following intra- cranial haemorrhage: a case report
SG-ANZICS1198 P-87 Gaurav Tomar Assessment of Manual and Mechanical Methods of Chest Physical Therapy Techniques on Intracranial Pressure in Patients With Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: A Randomized, Crossover Trial.
SG-ANZICS1207 P-88 Li Chen Yu Wound Care experience of Fournier gangrene : case series study
SG-ANZICS1208 P-89 Morizane Atsushi The usefulness of ultrasonography to detect gynecologic tumor in anti-NMDAR encephalitis patient.
SG-ANZICS1212 P-90 Badri Prasad Das Diagnostic accuracy of various biomarkers of sepsis (serum procalcitonin, hsCRP, CRP) & band cell percentage in critically ill patients: a single-centric prospective observational cohort study
SG-ANZICS1221 P-91 Gang Wang Impact of circadian body temperature variation on short and long term mortality in critically ill patients
SG-ANZICS1225 P-92 Ponsuge Chathurani Sigera Risk prediction for severe disease in early dengue infection; the Colombo Dengue Study
SG-ANZICS1226 P-93 Chen Pei-Jun Nasogastric Tube Slippage among Stroke Patients in the Intensive Care Unit
SG-ANZICS1236 P-94 Gang Wang Circadian variation of heart rate and mortality among critically ill patients: a retrospective analysis of the MIMIC-II database
SG-ANZICS1240 P-95 Vikas Saini Bedside Ultrasonography of the lung to assist fiberoptic bronchoscopy in Intensive care unit : Clinical application of available Resources.
SG-ANZICS1241 P-96 Vikas Saini Critical events during intrahospital transport of critically ill patients to and from intensive care unit
SG-ANZICS1242 P-97 Takeshi Ide Daptomycin pharmacokinetics in critical patients undergoing low-flow continuous renal replacement therapy.
SG-ANZICS1246 P-98 Caleb Lin Zhiliang Predictors of Medical Emergency Team attendance after surgery
SG-ANZICS1251 P-99 Sameer Sethi Tracheo-esophageal fistula and pneumothorax in a single patient following Percutaneous Dilatational Tracheostomy in a Intensive Care Unit : A case report
SG-ANZICS1255 P-100 Wong Fui Chung Impact of Procalcitonin Use in the Intensive Care Unit at NTFGH
SG-ANZICS1267 P-101 Michael Sharey Zamora Significant barrier to providing end of life care
SG-ANZICS1274 P-102 Andrew Tzer-Hsien Cheng Communication with Families Regarding Organ and Tissue Donation after Death in Intensive Care (COMFORT): a multicentre before-and-after study
SG-ANZICS1272 P-103 Sky Vanderburg A Novel Lung Ultrasound Training Program to Predict Severity of Acute Lower Respiratory Tract Infections in Sri Lanka
SG-ANZICS1062 P-104 Quoc Chinh Luong Clinical Outcomes in Patients with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) in Vietnam According to Severity of The Berlin Definition
SG-ANZICS1063 P-105 Quoc Chinh Luong Risk Factors For Mortality in Patients with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) in Vietnam
SG-ANZICS1069 P-106 Minh Nguyen Nguyen Effect of titrated Positive End Expiratory Pressure (PEEP) on the quasi static pressure–volume (P-V) loop vs Low PEEP in patients with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome.
SG-ANZICS1081 P-107 Jean Katherine Gan Flora The use of High Flow nasal cannula oxygen (HFNC 02) and its impact on patient outcomes in a tertiary hospital in Singapore
SG-ANZICS1224 P-108 Shihan Huq Death drink: Methanol poisoning and lifesaving treatment in ICU of a tertiary care hospital in Bangladesh.