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Scientific Information

Top 8 abstracts in 2019

Topic Poster Board # Full Name Abstract Title
Critical care rehabilitation P-01 Kensuke Nakamura Efficacy of belt electrode skeletal muscle electrical stimulation on muscle volume loss in ICU-acquired weakness: a randomized control trial
Critical care rehabilitation P-02 Nguyen Van Thanh Douc Longterm Outcome after ICU in Patients with Tetanus
Emergency Medicine P-03 Kyohei Miyamoto Repeated measurement of quick sequential organ failure assessment score to predict in-hospital mortality among patients with trauma: an analysis of nationwide registry data
Emergency Medicine P-04 Dilanthi Priyadarshani Gamage Dona Evaluation of quality of Acute Myocardial Infarction care in Colombo, Sri Lanka
General issues in intensive care P-05 Zhang Jingjing Relationship between respiratory rate variation and all-cause mortality in ICU
Hemodynamic monitoring and optimization P-06 Dilip Shende End expiratory occlusion test and mini fluid challenge for predicting fluid responsiveness in acute circulatory failure.
Neurologic critical care P-07 Quoc Chinh Luong Effectiveness of combined external ventricular drainage with intraventricular fibrinolysis for treatment of intraventricular haemorrhage with acute obstructive hydrocephalus
Sepsis and severe infections P-08 Badri Prasad Das Comparison of a novel metal-alloy-impregnated urinary catheter and conventional latex foley catheter for preventing uti in critically ill trauma patients: a prospective, randomised clinical trial